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Wushu DSA 2018

Direct School Admission (DSA) 2018 - Wushu





At Beatty Secondary School, we nurture Beattyians who are Thinkers, Learners and Contributors. We invite talented students with relevant Wushu competencies, and those who display good character to participate in our DSA exercise. 

Beatty Wushu Team

Beatty Wushu team’s focus is on character building and skills development of our students. Over the years, we are proud to produce many outstanding students who have excelled in National Wushu competitions.

Examples of Beatty Talents

Results of 13th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2018

Name of ParticipantsEventsPlacing
Caden Goh Ding En1st International 32 Style Taijiquan3rd
Caden Goh Ding EnFormulated 32-Style Taiji Sword4th 
 Ang Kai Yi, Erlene1st International 42 Style Taijiquan5th 
 Brandon Wong Jyn Kid 1st International 42 Style Taiji Sword5th
 Chew Dai Quan Jovan  1st International Cudgel5th
 Nicole Lim Qi En 2nd International Cudgel6th
 Sherice Ng Formulated 24-Style Taijiquan6th
 Airianne Lim Ein Xiang 1st International Nan Dao7th
 Brandon Wong Jyn Kid 1st International 42 Style Taijiquan7th 
 Chew Dai Quan Jovan 1st International Changquan7th 
Chew Dai Quan Jovan  1st International Broadsword7th 
Lim Yong Cheong  1st International 42 Style Taiji Sword 7th
 Richard Hioe 1st International Nan Gun 7th
 Lee Yong Cheong 1st International 42 Style Taijiquan 8th
 Ang Kai Yi Erlene 1st International 42 Style Taiji Sword 8th
 B Boys Group Weapon  5th
 C Boys Group Weapon 5th
 C Girls Group Quanshu 6th 

Low Cheng Lum Scholarship

Students with PSLE T-score of 235 and above will be awarded the Low Cheng Lum Scholarship with a total value of $2500 based on the following terms and conditions:
Cash Award of $1000 in Secondary 1, for students with PSLE T-score of 235
Cash Award of $500 in Secondary 2-4, subject to good performance and conduct in the preceding year

Application Process

1. Interested applicants need to fulfil the selection criteria:
Selection Criteria, Click HERE.

2. The application form is available at the school’s General Office. You may also obtain a copy here: 

3. The application form and relevant supporting documents are to be submitted by 
29 June 2018, and late applications will not be considered.

The application form and relevant documents have to be submitted by post or hand-delivered to:

DSA 2018 Application 
Beatty Secondary School
1 Toa Payoh North 
Singapore 318990

4. The following documents are to be submitted when the applicants participate in the selection trial and interview:
A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport
Primary 5 and 6 (Mid-Year) Holistic Report Card
Primary School CCA Records
NAPFA Test results at Primary 4 and 6
Records of awards or certificates of competitions and performances 

5. Selection trials and interviews will be conducted for shortlisted applicants on 27 July 2018, Friday at 3.30pm in Beatty Secondary School Indoor Sports Hall Level 2.

6. All shortlisted applicants will be notified via post on the outcome by 31 August 2018.

7. For Foreign Students / Students not studying in MOE schools:
Students currently not studying in MOE schools will need a letter issued by MOE HQ before they are issued with a DSA Application form. The letter will contain a Registration Number, unique to the students which will help identify the candidate in our system. A photocopy of the letter with the registration number is to be provided to our school. Please note that Singaporeans (citizens and permanent residents) who are currently not studying in MOE schools (e.g. studying overseas) are also required to have such a letter. The letter may be obtained from MOE HQ Customer Service Centre, located in 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Podium Block MOE Building, Singapore 138675.

8. Application Timeline

7 May 2018, by 9 amApplication opens 
29 June 2018
Application closes at 5.00pm
(Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered)
2 July  – 31 Aug 2018 School-based interview for shortlisted applicants. Shortlisted candidates will be notified via phone and/or email on the date, time and venue of interview. 
By 31 August 2018 All applicants will be informed of the results of their application (Successful / Waiting List / Rejected) 
29 October 2018 School Preference form issued by Primary Schools 
Late November 2018 Release of results 

9. For further enquires, you may contact the General Office at 6256 9108 or Ms Tng Ee Hwei (HOD/PE & CCA) at 6256 9108 ext 121. Alternatively, you can email us at beatty_ss@moe.edu.sg.