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Values-in-Action (VIA) programme aims to instil a strong sense of social responsibility and school core values. It also promotes lifelong passion for volunteerism and empower students to come up with student-initiated projects.

Guiding Principles

  • Every Beattyian can take action to improve a situation. 
  • Every Beattyian can promote awareness so that others may learn about important issues in the community.
  • Every Beattyian can be an advocate by inspiring and influencing others to make a difference in something he or she cares about.   

VIA Themes and Projects by levels




Sec 1

Care and respect for the environment

   To be an environment advocate and raise environmental awareness in school.

Sec 2

Understand and serve the needs of the elderly in the neighbourhood

    To plan a programme to engage the elderly with our community partners.

Sec 3

Understand and serve the needs of the community. [Class initiated VIA]

    As a class, students will identify an area of concern and plan and implement a project to address this issue.

Special event: 3NT Overseas VIA Project

Sec 4

Reflect and respond to the needs of the national and global community

   Sharing by identified organization on the needs and issues faced currently by the national and global community. Students will implement a VIA project to help address this issue