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Character Citizenship Education


To nurture Beattyians of outstanding character who are gracious citizens, empowered to lead and serve anchored on our school values of integrity, commitment, care, confidence and creativity. 

Character Citizenship Education (CCE) is an integrated programme encompassing CCE lessons from MOE, which incorporates modules for Cyber Wellness, Sexuality Education, Education & Career Guidance (ECG) and Social Skills. In addition, we foster in our students a strong sense of social responsibility through a variety of community service projects as well as environmental care programmes. Through this CCE programme, Beattyians develop the skills, values, attitudes and build emotional connectedness and relationship to become more confident individuals and active contributors, living life with passion and a sense of purpose. 

Model of Character and Citizenship Education Programme 

The ‘HEAD’, ‘HEART’ and ‘HAND’ model is the underlying structure of our CCE Programme and we actively impart the school’s core values and social emotional competencies, engage students’ emotions in wanting to do the right thing and provide opportunities for them to practise the acquired skills and values. 

CCE Theme by level and Level Outcomes 

Our programmes are aligned with each level’s theme to develop our students progressively. 

Curriculum time is every Wednesday and on some Thursdays. (one hour per lesson) 

Sec 1 Sec 2 
Sec 3 Sec 4/5 
Theme  Understanding Self  Valuing others Contributing to the community  Embracing National and Global Challenges 
 Level Outcomes  A positive and committed student with a strong sense of belonging to the school.  A team player who values others and exhibits creativity and critical thinking in problem-solving.  A confident leader who cares for others and contributes actively to the community.  A global citizen who is a leader with integrity and rooted to Singapore. 






 SE Competencies 

 Self –awareness


Social awareness

Relationship management

Responsible decision making

 CCE Curriculum     
LiVE Lessons

Cyber wellness

Education and Career Guidance

Sexuality Education

Social Skills

Circle Time
 Learning Experiences  
Co-curricular Activities

National Education

VIA (Values-in-Action)

Student Leadership Programme

Environmental Programme

Assembly programmes