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Learning for Life Programme

Student Leadership Development and Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Our Beliefs:

Unique worth of every student.

Each student can be developed to his or her highest potential.

Nurturing leadership potential is part of every student’s holistic education.

Leadership development forms part of the overall character development of each Beattyian.


Principles for Leadership Development:

Every student has the opportunity in leadership development.

Leadership positions and functions are to be assigned to as many students as possible.

Include leadership development in both IP and non-IP settings.

Leaders to be given feedback/review on their performance, potential and progress so that they can be better leaders.


LLP – Beatty’s Leaders for Life Programme (BLLP):

Beatty Secondary School’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is called Beatty’s Leaders for Life Programme or BLLP. Under this programme, student leaders hone character traits like resilience, teamwork, a greater sense of global awareness and local rootedness. They become better people and self-leaders, skillful at navigating through life in the 21st century as well as being effective leaders.

This is achieved through outdoor adventure camps, VIA programmes, extensive leadership development programmes, training, mentoring and assessment by teachers. Students also benefit through exposure given at class, CCA and school level, as well as the community.

The National Youth Achievement Awards (NYAA):

A strategic tool in leadership development.
A platform to demonstrate the school core values, achieve the school’s mission, and fulfil the school vision.
An institution that can be supported by the five Kouzes/Posner exemplary practices.
All Beattyians will participate in the NYAA. 

The Whole School Approach:

Student leadership development is a whole school approach. All school staff support every student in his or her leadership journey. The Kouzes and Posner model provides the school a common basis for action, collaboration and integration in developing our Beattyian leaders.