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The Mathematics Department implements a rigorous curriculum to ensure that every student is competent in the subject. In line with the syllabus, the department promotes experiential learning, creative problem solving and the application of math in real-life situations. Teaching and learning is differentiated and catered to the needs of students. 


2018 Singapore Math Olympiad Training Programme for Secondary 2 students
The Singapore Math Olympiad Training Programme (SMOP) provided the platform for students talented in Mathematics to shine in this competition. The Secondary Two Express students who were selected had demonstrated the ability to perform beyond and above their expectations in this subject. 
Through this programme, our students further developed their aptitude and mastery in Mathematics.  Under the guidance of our professional Mathematics trainer, Ms Lim Siew Mei, one of our students received an honourable mention. Congratulations to Lim Yu Ki of 2E1.

Financial Literacy Programme 

We have a fun-filled activity based series of financial literacy workshops from Sec 1 to 3 planned during the mid-year and end-of-year post-exam. This year, our Sec 1 to 3 students gained first-hand experience in financial literacy through playing financial board games and other role playing games. Through play, our students became aware of basic financial concepts such as saving from young, business cycles and investments. They learn to differentiate between needs and wants, and learn to be savvy in dealing with their finances.


Our students have taken part in some competitions and achieved reasonably good results.
Australian Math Competition – Dela Serna Kamil Yuri of 1E1 and Justin Neo Boon Shuan of 4E1 achieved distinctions. 

ICAS Math Competition – Our school achieved 14 distinctions and 50 credits.
Upper Sec CPA Game Design Competition – Yong Cheong of 3T1 attained the silver award

Department Teachers and Contacts
Teacher Email Contact no
Mr Lee Chau Loong lee_chau_loong@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 120
Mrs Cindy Samsol goh_siah_miang@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 215
Ms Joanna Chong chong_how_yan@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 203
Mrs Rose Ang
62569108 Ext 216
Mr Lai Chee Kit lai_chee_kit@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 212
Mrs Buvana Parthi buvana_ramalingam@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 135
Mr Bernard Lee lee_kuan_leng_bernard@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 215
Mr Luqman luqman_mohamed_ali@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 212
Ms Irene Ng ng_hoon_ling_irene@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 214
Mdm Nur Jeerah nur_jeerah_mohd_amin@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 216
Mdm See Huey Yi see_huey_yi@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 212
Mr Sin Lai Keong sin_lai_keong@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 213
Mr Teo Chye Keong teo_chye_keong@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 213
Mr Leong Soo Ching leong_soo_ching@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 211
Mr Xavier Ong ong_guo_lin@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 213
Ms Nur Rabiah nur_rabiah_ishak@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 171
Ms Dennesa Boon boon_ka_ling_dennesa@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 215
Ms Estella Chin estella_chin_ning@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 137
Mr Fazli muhammad_fazli_zulkifli@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 196
Mr Lee Song Lim lee_song_lim@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 210
Ms Liem Peng Lan peng_lan_liem@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 214
Ms Lim Mui Huan lim_mui_huan@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 195
Mr Matthias Tay tay_soo_thiam@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 194
Ms Yuen Shu Yan shu_yan_yuen@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 205
Mdm Nur Diyanah nur_diyanah_kamis@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 216

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