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Over 61 years, Beatty Beaver Scout Group has produced three Queen’s Scouts and five President’s Scouts. The troop has implemented a systematic training programme which seeks to inculcate self-discipline, hone leadership qualities and ensure teamwork dynamics in our Beaver Scouts. At the end of four to five years of Scouting in Beatty, a Beaver Scout must be fully aware of his responsibilities, be well-informed of the world around him and equipped with essential life skills to meet the challenges of life. He should be able to serve his country as a loyal and dedicated citizen, being equipped with knowledge, skills and experience.


 Mr Xavier Ong Guo Lin (IC) ong_guo_lin@moe.edu.sg  62569108 Ext 211
Mdm Fu Rong (2IC)
62569108 Ext 152
 Mr Alexander Choy choy_peng_yih_alexander@moe.edu.sg
62569108 Ext 126 

Weekly Schedule 

 Every Friday 2:00pm – 6:00pm 
 Selected Saturday 6:00pm – 8:30pm (Campfire - Mostly in March, April and July)

Achievements and Highlights 

  • Frank Cooper Sands Award – 9th Consecutive Gold Award (2017) 
  • Chief Commissioner’s Award – Ong Jia Xi, Ng Shi Wen Justin & Tan Chee Kiat Kevin
  • South Area Sports Day – Overall South Area Champion
  • South Area Annual Cooking Competition – Two Teams (Silver Banding)


  • 2 Scouts, Leonard Ang and Gerald Yeo, were part of the marching contingents at the 53rd National Day Parade 2018 at the Float @ Marina Bay
  • Rendered services for Istana Open House and South Area Campfire at SJI (Independent)
  • Participated in the Scout Founder’s Day Dinner 2018
  • Organised and hosted the South Area Cooking Competition 2018
  • Demonstrated outdoor cooking to exchange students from Changzheng Secondary School and Mutsuzawa Junior High School in August 2018
  • Participated in South Area Scout Leadership Camp, Civil Defence Course, SANA Anti-Drug Abuse Course and NParks Naturalist Badge Course
  • Scouts were sent for Airmanship and 1-star Kayaking courses

Photos of Activites