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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)

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Our CCA aims to provide a purposeful and meaningful journey through which our cadets will be given the chance to lead, serve and work well with others. The main objectives of NCDCC are to:

  • Develop and empower our cadets to be active and concerned citizens advocating life-saving skills
  • Provide enriching holistic leadership and character-building experiences
  • Guide our cadets to learn Triangle of Life Skills, which include basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED
  • Train our cadets in soft skills such as leadership, communication (including methods of instruction), relationship management and social awareness to get them ready for their leadership phase
  • Nurture and guide cadets to make informed choices to serve the school and the wider community through public education platforms

Regular training sessions occur at the unit level, where students are given opportunities to train with peers of similar experiences to master the knowledge and skills required for promotion to their next rank. Core NCDCC activities include first aid, foot drills and performing community service. Our cadets also acquire various essential life skills such as fire safety and rescue methods as well as participate in other enrichment and teambuilding activities organised by the unit.


Mr Tay Boon Leong (IC)tay_boon_leong@moe.edu.sg62569108 Ext 214
Ms Marhainy (2IC)marhainy_rohmat@moe.edu.sg62569108 Ext 204
 Ms Farah Bte Mohamed Yusoffarah_mohamed_yusop@moe.edu.sg
62569108 Ext 209 
Mr S Kanesanathan subramaniam_kanesananthan@moe.edu.sg
62569108 Ext 146 

Weekly Schedule

Every Friday 2:30pm – 6:00pm
Selected Tuesday 3:30pm – 5:30pm (Make-up sessions for public holidays etc.)

Achievements and Highlights

    • SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Award 2018 Recipients:
      • WO Caden Yeo Suan Dun
      • WO Shayne Tan
      • WO Simral Pun
    • NCDCC Urban Adventure Skills Challenge 2017 – first runner-up
    • NFEC-NCDCC Inter-Unit Quiz 2017 – 6th position
    • NCDCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2017 - Silver

    • Hosting school for CPR/AED Sectorised Training 2018 (Northeast Sector)
    • Hosting school for SANA Sectorised Training 2018 (Northeast Sector)
    • First aid support for school events such as Total Defence Day, SPH Blood Donation Day, Sports Carnival, Cross-country, Joie de Vivre 2018
    • Participated at the NCDCC Games Day 2018
    • Participated at the KDF Flag Day 2018
    • Participated at the National Camp 2018
    • Participated at the NCDCC Dragon Battle and Family Day 2018
    • Cadet-facilitators at the Emergency Preparedness Day 2018 (Potong Pasir and Whampoa)
    • Co-Trainers with the Nanyang Polytechnic Nursing students for the Girl Guides CPR AED badge work
    • Participated at the Toa Payoh West-Balestier National Day Observance Ceremony

    Photos of Activites