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Girl Guides



Girl Guides in Beatty Secondary School provides opportunities for our Guides to discover and develop their strengths, skills and potential in guiding to the fullest.We aim to develop girls of courage, confidence and character who will make the school and community a better place.

We have a comprehensive Five-Point Programme which enables our Guides to develop in the following five areas:

  • Personal & Social Development
  • Home
  • Outdoor
  • Community
  • International

Working hard to earn their badges helps our Guides to widen their horizon, uncover new talents and learn practical skills that will enrich their lives.

We empower our Guides through fun and challenging programmes, unique experiences, adventures and activities. We offer opportunities for them to be involved in school, division and national Girl Guides events and competitions. These exposures equip them with vital leadership and life skills while learning through fun adventures and forging lifelong friendships with people.

Teachers in Charge
Ms Pauline Fernandez (IC) fernandez_pauline_esther@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 136
Ms Shivaani (2IC) shivaani_thiagayson@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 132
Ms Nadirah Bte Sharinnadirah_bte_sharin@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 207 
Mrs Ham Nan Toon han_nam_toon@moe.edu.sg
62569108 Ext 204
Ms Kwek Hwei Yee Raistlina
kwek_hwei_yee_raistlina@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 143 

Weekly Schedule

Every Friday 2:30pm – 6:00pm
Alternate Tuesdays 3:30pm – 5:30pm (odd weeks for student leaders only)

Achievements and Highlights


  • Puan Nor Aishah Award – Gold Award (2019)
  • All secondary three Guides – Gold proficiency badges
  • All secondary two Guides – Silver proficiency badges
  • All secondary one Guides – Bronze proficiency badges


  • Events and Competitions organised by the Headquarters (HQ)
    • World Thinking Day Celebrations & Competitions
    • Wee Kim Wee Challenge (once every two years)
  • HQ Yeoman (Values In Action)
    • Filing of PNA reports
    • Girl Guides Shop
    • Area Cleaning of Camp Christine
  • South Division Events and Competitions
    • South Division Learning Day
    • South Division Day Competitions
    • South Division Campfire
  • School Events
    • CCA Open House
    • Total Defence Day (commemorating one of the pillars of Total Defence)
    • Annual Awards Day (Parade Contingent & Reception)
    • National Day Celebrations (Parade Contingent & Flag Party)
    • Sports Carnival (Games)
    • Teachers’ Day (Reception)
    • Graduation Day  (Reception)
    • Beatty Recognition Day (Reception)
  • Inter-CCA activities
    • Combined uniformed groups camp with Scouts
    • Co-hosted students from Mihara City, Japan, for the Japanese Cultural Exchange Programme, with Scouts
  • Girl Guides’ Public Cookie Sale

Photos of Activites