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Beatty Secondary School’s Football Team aims to develop skilled football players as well as to nurture strong values and a strong sense of self-discipline in our footballers. Football sessions are developed to be fun and engaging whilst instilling the rigour and toughness that will enable our footballers to be mentally and physically resilient players.

Our CCA provides our footballers with many opportunities to improve themselves. They take part in the National School Games as well as the Delta league which is organized by the Singapore Police Force. Regular friendly matches with other schools are also organized to allow for our footballers to challenge themselves to greater heights.

Our footballers also took part in training sessions with Coach Toni Havanty from FC Bayern (Germany) as part of a collaborative initiative with SportSG.


Mr Luqman (IC)luqman_mohamed_ali@moe.edu.sg62569108 Ext 212
Mr Sivaneson (2IC)sivaneson_krishnamoorthy@moe.edu.sg
62569108 Ext 148
Mr Matthias Tay tay_soo_thiam@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 194 

Weekly Schedule

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 3:45pm – 6:00pm

Achievements and Highlights

National Schools Games Football Competition
C Boys- Tier 2 Quarterfinalists
B Boys- Tier 5 4th Place
B Boys- Tier 5 Golden Boot Award Winner – Bishwa Raj Ale

Photos of Activites