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Drama Club



Beatty Secondary School’s Drama Club aims to provide students with opportunities for creative expression as well as platforms to explore and develop their skills and interest in drama. Through our exciting training programme, we hope that our members will develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the art form as well as build self-discipline and confidence while fostering team building.

Our dedicated trainers do not only hone the skills and talents of the students for events such as SYF Arts Presentation and the school’s Annual Awards Day concert, they also train students to work with their peers in teams to produce and perform their own plays.

Besides performing at school events and the SYF Arts Presentations, Drama Club collaborates with the English Language and Literature Department to provide voice talents for Beatty’s own radio station, HeartBEAT. Our radio show goes on air every Tuesday morning. Drama Club deejays keep the student body updated on upcoming events taking place in Beatty and hot topics from Singapore and around the world.


Mrs Widya Barnwell (IC) widya_iryani_zulkassim@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 141
Ms Jamie Ishwarlal (2IC) jamie_ishwarlal@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 137
 Mr Ibrahim Ab Latif ibrahim_ab_latif@moe.edu.sg
62569108 Ext 132
 Ms Tan Seok Tingtan_seok_ting@moe.edu.sg 62569108 Ext 217

Weekly Schedule

Every Monday and Tuesday 3:30pm – 6:00pm

Achievements and Highlights

  • Certificate of Accomplishment at SYF Arts Presentation (Drama) 2019
    • Performed Haresh Sharma’s "Ah Boy and the Beanstalk"
  • Enrichment programmes
    • Radio presentation workshop
    • Theatre experience: The Class Room This participatory theatre piece about poverty and inequality in Singapore was created by veteran theatre practitioners Kok Heng Leun, Li Xie and Jean Ng for the M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival (22 July – 4 August 2019). Secondary 1 to 3 members who were not involved in SYF participated in a trial session of this work, held in Beatty. Facilitators introduced the students to simulated situations and communities living in poverty, and engaged them in discussions about poverty and in making choices and decisions for these communities. Students’ views and ideas shared at the session were used to add to the research for and the development of the piece.

Photos of Activities