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Academic Achievements

Live On Design Competition 2020
(Organised by National Organ Transplant Unit)
Caden Goh.jpgCaden Goh Ding En (3N2) − Merit Award
Live On Design Competition 2020
 (Organised by National Organ Transplant Unit)
Nur Riana.jpgNur Riana Puspita Dewi Binte Sabri − Merit Award
Animation and Game Making Competition 2020
(Organised by Computer Education Unit/CPDD)
  •  Elly Syazneera Binte Mohd Fadel (2T1) – Animation Category, Silver Award
  • Muhammad Nur Syahir B Haroon (3T1) –
    Game Category, Bronze Award
SYF Art Exhibition  Goh Si HuaGoh Si Hua - Certificate of Recognition
(Special Mention)

"Our Estate. Our Home" GRC Interschool Art Competition 2018  GRCInterschoolArtCompetition.png1st Position - Goh Si Hua
 10 Word Sentence Short Story Competition 10WordShortSentenceStoryMark Alfonso - Top 3
Cristina Gale - Consolation
Chia Seng Hing - Consolation
Tiarra Tynisha - Consolation 
Model United Nations Youth Conference  Abdul Mateen -Best Delegate for Human Rights Council
 Jordan Ng - Honorable Mention
Chinese Newspaper Making Competition 2019 uppersec.pngUpper Sec - Silver Award
lowersec.pngLowerSec - Recognition Award
 Science Buskers Festival 2018 Science Buskers Festival 2018.jpeg
Reached Finals 
National Earthquake Challenge organised by Singapore Poly 1st Runner Up
2018 SYF Art Exhibition: Artist and Citizenship  Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)
Create Our Own Newspapers Competition organised by ZB SPH, CPCLL and Xin Min Sec School 
Our Upper Sec CL_HCL team awarded Silver Award in the Create our own newspapers competition.png
Upper Sec Team – Silver Award

The lower Sec CL_HCL team also awarded silver award in this competition.pngLower Sec Team – Silver Award
Chinese Creative Writing Competition organised by Hokkien Huey Kuan  Silver Award
Tamil Literary Competition organised by
Raffles Institution
RI.JPGConsolation Prize in Oratorical
Consolation Prize in Singing
 Tamil Literary Competition organised by Guangyang Secondary School
2nd Prize in Essay Writing Competition
3rd Prize in Oratorical Competition
3rd Prize in Singing Competition
 Tamil Budding Writers and Artists organised by CPDD and MOE Budding Writers.JPGGold Awards (2 students)
Sorkalam 2018 organised by PA IEACS and Central Singapore CDC  Sorkalam.JPGReached Semi-Finals
 Navarasa Thiruvizha 2018 organised by Kallang CC IEAC Consolation Prize in Rangoli Kolam Competition
Plain English Speaking Award (PESA)  Daniella Yeo
 All IN! Young Writers’ Festival Alicia Sim Yan Ting – Consolation Prize for the 10-word story competition
NEmation  2 teams in Top 40 and ongoing
NUS Geography Challenge 
Top 50 in Semi-Finals
Leow Xuan Jun, Justin Neo Boon Shuan, Muhammed Rasheen and Abdul Mateen Bin Kamal
(Applied Learning Programme) 
Inaugural Digital Making,
National Infocomm Challenge 2018
 Best Integrated Solution