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School Rules & Regulations

School Attire

  • Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and Modification to the uniform is strictly not allowed. 
  • The school uniform must be purchased from the school bookshop. 
  • The school badge and tie are part of the uniform. The school badge and the school tie must be worn on at all times when students are in their school uniforms. Students should button up their collars whenever they put on their school tie. 
  • Students must be in full school uniform whenever they are in school, inculding school holidays and Saturdays. 
  • Girls' Blouse and Skirt 
  • Short-sleeved white blouse with a pocket at the top left hand corner of the blouse. 
  • Navy blue, knee-length pleated skirt, which is to be worn at the waist. 
  • Boys' Shirt and Short / Pants 
  • Short-sleeved white shirt with a pocket at the top left hand corner of the shirt. 
  • A pair of white shorts for lower secondary boys, and a pair of white pants for upper secondary boys. Shorts / Pants are to be worn at the waist. There should be no belt holders. 
  • Students cannot roll or fold up the sleeves of their shirts / blouses. 
  • Belts are not to be worn. 
  • Students must put on proper P.E attire during P.E lessons. They should change into their school uniform by recess time. Students engaged in sport / outdoor activities must always be in their P.E attire. 

Shoes and Socks
  • Only white canvas shoes with shoelaces, which must be properly tied, are allowed. Socks must be plain white and ankle socks are not permitted. 
  • Students are allowed to wear track shoes during exercise period on Fridays, and on Saturdays for CCAs if permission has been granted by the teachers-in-charge. 

  • No bracelets, rings,necklaces, chains, brooches, friendship bands or wristbands are to be worn with the school uniform. 
  • No form of make-up is allowed when students are in school uniform. 

For Girls:
  • Only solid black and navy coloured hair accessories (clips, ribbons or hairbands) are allowed. 
  • Only one pair of simple gold or silver earring, ear studs, or transparent ear sticks can be worn. 

For Boys:
  • Earring, ear sticks or ear studs are all not allowed. 

For girls:
  • Hair that touches the collar must be tied up or braided. 
  • Fringe must not touch the eyebrows. 
  • Hair must be of its natural colour and not tinted. 

For Boys:
  • Hair must be short and must not touch the collar. Sideburns are not allowed. 
  • Hair must be of its natural colour and not tinted. 
  • Wearing of moustache and beard are not allowed. Boys must maintain a clean-shaven appearance at all times in school. 
  • Fringe must not touch the eyebrows and hair at the side must not touch the ears.