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School Rules & Regulations

The school establishes rules and regulations for promoting good behaviour and ensuring a safe and secure environment for the overall development of students. We aim to guide students to live out the school core values (Integrity, Responsibility, Resilience, Care, Creativity), exercise self-discipline and interact with others in a respectful and responsible manner.

School Attire


Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. The shirt, blouse or school        T-shirt is to be tucked in at all times. Modifications to the uniforms are strictly not      allowed. From 2020 onward, the prescribed school uniform will be as follows:

           Full school uniform:

  • Prescribed white shirt or blouse + school shorts/pants or skirt + school tie and badge
  • Students must wear the full school uniform every Monday (Dress Up Monday)
  • The school badge and tie are part of the uniform. The school badge and the school tie must be worn at all times when students are in their school uniform. The school tie is to be worn smartly with the top button of the shirt/blouse    secured.

           2nd school uniform:

  • Prescribed school collared t-shirt + school shorts/pants or skirt
  • Students may wear the 2nd school uniform on Tuesday to Friday
  • Students may unbutton only the top most button

The school uniform must be purchased from the school vendor only (either in school or in the vendor’s shop).

Students are to be in the prescribed school uniform whenever they are in school,      including school holidays and Saturdays, unless otherwise stated by the school management.

Girls’ Blouse/2nd uniform T-shirt and Skirt

  • Short-sleeved white blouse with a pocket at the top left hand corner of the blouse.
  • Short-sleeved prescribed 2nd uniform t-shirt to be fully buttoned. If necessary, students may unbutton only the top most button.
  • Navy blue, knee-length pleated skirt, which is to be worn at the waist.

Boys’ Shirt/2nd uniform T-shirt and Shorts/Pants

  • Short-sleeved white shirt with a pocket at the top left hand corner of the shirt.
  • Short-sleeved prescribed 2nd uniform t-shirt to be fully buttoned. If necessary, students may unbutton only the top most button.
  • A pair of white shorts for lower secondary boys and a pair of white pants for upper secondary boys. Shorts/Pants are to be worn at the waist. There should be no belt holders.
  • Long pants must not to be tapered and must be long enough to cover the ankles.

Students are not to roll or fold up the sleeves of their shirt/blouse.

The shirt/blouse is to be tucked in neatly at all times.

Belts are not to be worn.

For PE lessons, students must wear the school PE T-shirt and shorts. The PE T-  shirt is to be tucked at all times. After PE lessons, students are allowed to remain in their PE t-shirt but they are to change back into their shorts/pants/skirts. Students engaged in sports/outdoor activities must always be in their PE /CCA attire.

Shoes and Socks

Only white canvas shoes with shoelaces, which must be properly tied, are allowed. No high-cut shoes are permitted.

Beatty/Plain white socks of a visible length must be worn with the above permitted shoes.


  • No accessories (e.g. bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, brooches, friendship bands or wristbands) are to be worn with the school uniform. 
  • No form of make-up (including foundation and tinted moisturiser) is allowed when students are in school uniform. 
  • No tinted spectacles or contact lenses and no decorative contact lenses are allowed.

For Girls: 

  • Only white, solid black, dark brown and navy coloured hair accessories (hair clips, ribbons or hairbands) are allowed. 
  • Only one pair of matching simple metallic gold or silver-coloured ear studs is allowed. The pair of ear sticks worn must be transparent or plain black. 

For Boys: 

  • Strictly NO accessories (e.g. ear sticks or ear studs) are allowed. 


For Girls: 

  • Hair that reaches below the collar must be tied up or braided. 
  • Fringe must not touch the eyebrows. 
  • Fringe is to be clipped up neatly, if necessary. 
  • Hair must be of its natural colour and not tinted, highlighted or dyed. 
  • No outrageous/inappropriate hairstyle (e.g. spiky, punky, hair extension) is allowed. 

For Boys: 

  • Hair must be short and not touch the collar. As a guide, the clipper size for the side is 1 – 2 and for the top is 3 – 7
  • Hair must be of its natural colour and not tinted, highlighted or dyed. 
  • Male students must be neat in appearance and clean-shaven. No facial hair (e.g. beard, moustaches) is allowed. 
  • Fringe must not touch the eyebrows and hair at the side must not touch the ears. 
  • No side-burns extending more than half the ear length are allowed. 
  • No outrageous/inappropriate hairstyle (e.g. spiky, punky) is allowed.

Expensive and Prohibited Items

  • All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. 
  • Students are not encouraged to bring the following items to school: 
    • mobile phones, tablets, electronic games, MP3 players and jewellery 
    • any other item which the School Administration deems offensive. 
  • The school will not be held responsible for any loss of items. 

Mobile phones and electronic gadgets are to be switched off at all times within the school premises. If students have these items switched on or are seen using them, the items will be confiscated.

  • Students are to lock their mobile phone in their locker by 7.30am and keep it in the locker till the end of the school.
  • Students may use the mobile phones or any electronic gadget, only in the canteen and the waiting area (beside the driveway) after 2.10 pm (Mon-Thu) and 12.40 pm (Fri).

Consequences for non-adherence are as follows:

  • For the first and second offence, students may claim the confiscated items from the school at the end of the day (2.10pm)
  • For the third and subsequent offence, only parents may claim the confiscated items from the school the next day.
  • In cases of abuse/misuse of mobile phone and electronic gadget for criminal offences, the item will be kept by the school for investigation.


The full set of school Rules & Regulations is found in the Student Handbook.