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Student Management

The Discipline Philosophy

Beatty Secondary School’s discipline approach and processes are based on Restorative Practices (RP) which focus on strengthening relationships. RP encourages the individual to reflect on his/her actions and how the actions impact the self and others. In this way, the individual learns the importance of respect, responsibility and positive relationships. 

The objective is to instill self-discipline in every Beattyian to be capable of managing himself/herself well and interacting with others in a respectful, responsible and considerate manner. 

i. Every Beattyian shall:- 

  • Respect oneself and others 
  • Act in a Responsible manner 
  • Strive to build a positive Relationship with others 

ii. Every Beattyian shall preserve the following 3 Rights:- 

  • The Right to learn:
    Every Beattyian has the right to an education and to learn.
    Every Beattyian has the responsibility not to disturb the learning of others. 
  • The Right to teach:
    Every teacher has the right to be treated with respect and be allowed to carry out his/her duties and responsibilities in educating and guiding the students.
  • The Right to be safe:
    Every Beattyian has the right to feel safe in and around the school.
    Every Beattyian has the responsibility to ensure the safety of others by behaving in a responsible manner and respecting others.

Discipline Mistress Ms Fauziah Binte Mohd Shariff 62569108 Ext 189
SH/Student Management Mr Mok Choong Leng 62569108 Ext 211
Discipline Level Coordinators
Sec 1 Level
Mdm Chiang Heng Jiak
Mdm Siti Zubaidah
62569108 Ext 139
62569108 Ext 138
Sec 2 Level Mr Sin Lai Keong
62569108 Ext 213
Sec 3 Level Mr Sivaneson 62569108 Ext 148
Sec 4&5 Level Mr Raja Shahridah 62569108 Ext 206
Teacher Aide (Discipline) Mr Kamsari 62569108

After School Engagement (ASE) & Cabin Programme

The ASE Programme includes the existing Cabin Programme which is run collaboratively by the school and the Singapore Children’s Society (SCS). The ASE Programme seeks to achieve the following objectives:- 

1.        To contribute to overall efforts in building a caring school culture and safe environment for students to interact and build strong positive relationships, and a greater sense of school connectedness and belonging. 

2.        To extend and continually promote the culture of care after curriculum hours for lower secondary students who have issues with school disengagement. 

3.        To provide a safe and supportive place for meaningful activities, self-study and recreation after curriculum hours, and where developmental opportunities are available for students to build Social and Emotional (SE) competencies, as well as leadership skills. 

Operating hours: 

Monday – Thursday 2:30pm – 5:00pm 
Friday 1:00pm – 5:00pm 

Types of activities/programmes:

Activities/programmes are designed to be engaging and meaningful with the aim to meet students’ Social and Emotional (SE) needs, as well as to provide academic support and enhance students’ SE competencies. Students in the target group are given opportunities to take the lead in various aspects of the running of activities/programmes. For example, they assist in the planning & execution of various activities for their schoolmates and maintaining a well-kept room. 

Examples of activities/programmes are: 

  • IP support (peer tutoring, self-study sessions) 
  • Learn through play programme (games facilities in the Cabin Room) 
  • Intra-school competitions (board games, sports) 
  • Trainings and workshops on Craft-making, Soft skills and Life skills (such as Goal setting and planning workshop, Strength-based workshop) 
  • Anti-Bullying Campaign 
  • Racial Harmony promotion booth 
  • VIA activities 
  • Counselling