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Principal's Message

Dear Pupils, Parents and Partners

Welcome to our Beatty Ohana! At Beatty Secondary, we care for our pupils. To care is to endeavour to allow for someone to thrive and flourish, and to become the best versions of themselves; it is a labour of love to allow others to realise and actualise their potential. We do this by seeing the whole person, and to work together, as a collective, to achieve aspirations in a manner that will build the learner for life. This stems from a deep belief that each child is a gift, and that Beatty is a community that will allow its learners to discover who they are as they uncover their giftings through a broad range of learning opportunities and experiences.

Education is about moulding identity and beliefs. This is what guides and drives us as a community of educators and learners. It is both an intellectual and an emotional endeavour. At Beatty, we work together to nurture thinking and emotional competencies that bode well for Beattyians’ future. It is not just “the what” that needs to be done or “the why”; we are clear about what these are. It is about “the how”. Paying attention to process, as it stems from our philosophy and principles, is vital to learning and improving. This is what we stand for at Beatty: not by force, but by art and skill. Beattyians will learn how to learn, how to live, and how to care and in so doing, will develop their sense of purpose and passion for life.

Our engines for actualising these outcomes are the many intentionally designed programmes for Beattyians to discover and develop their mindsets and heartsets. Two of these are our ALP and LLP. Critical and Design Thinking models, and The Leadership Challenge Model, frame our approach to nurturing deeper learning and purposeful contribution. Through the ALP, Beattyians will apply STEM to think, create, and innovate. This is an example of how they use their knowledge to contribute and add value to the community. Through the LLP, Beattyians will have opportunities to deepen their understanding about what it means to serve and lead others by engaging in leadership development opportunities which include forums and overseas exchange programmes with China, Japan and Vietnam.

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift as a learning community and as a society. There is a need to bring to the fore a different worldview or zeitgeist, and way of being. It is not just about doing more or many different things. This again is about skill and art. It is in learning how that we will afford Beattyians the opportunity to discover who they are as individuals, and through that, uncover their giftings. It is through learning how to learn and live that Beattyians will be able to deeply benefit from the learning opportunities afforded via full subject-based banding, the digital and blended learning programmes and the suite of programmes designed here at Beatty. And it is in learning how to care that they will be able to know what it means to contribute purposefully. It speaks to motivation, not simplistically management; it is about inclusion above and beyond integration.

My colleagues and I will continue to build on the brilliant work that has been done by the warm and loving community that is our Beatty Ohana. We will continue to excel and improve how we develop and engage students in a curriculum of life, to imbue in them critical, core values that would give them a strong sense of self and community. We will do this by engendering curiosity, confidence, courage, and complementarity. This will set every Beattyian on a curriculum for life, one that we know will hold them in good stead long beyond their years in school, to think, learn and contribute purposefully and meaningfully.

Non Vi Sed Arte

Harman Johll