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Parents Support Group (PSG)

Beatty Secondary School believes in engaging stakeholders to support the school in delivering holistic education to our students and seeks to develop effective partnerships with our key stakeholders. The school taps and leverages on its stakeholders to maximise educational impact and enhance resources.

The PSG allows parents to opt for greater involvement in school. While providing opportunities for parents who are enthusiastic to contribute to the school by participating in and supporting our school events, the PSG also gives parents a platform to network with other parents in their parenting endeavour.

The collaboration between the PSG and the school opens up more learning opportunities for our students. Parents with professional expertise can offer students advice and exposure to new knowledge, thus adding value to the holistic Beatty experience of their children.

The PSG also enables the school to identify and respond to issues of interest to parents. It provides a channel for parents to raise issues and concerns, seek clarification on decisions, resolve problems and give constructive feedback to the school. This, in turn, creates a more positive relationship between parents and the school.

We firmly believe that we will add value to our students’ school experience as we work together as a team. We look forward to having more parents to come on board the PSG in 2017 and many more years to come.

PSG Executive Committee 2018


Name Post
 1 Marie Chan Chairman
 2 Malcolm Tan 1st Vice Chairperson
 3 Alice Low 2nd Vice Chairperson
 4 Angie Teo 3rd Vice Chairperson 
 5 Val Giam Secretary
 6 Joanna Seah Assistant Secretary
 7 Jenny Tay Treasurer
 8 Susan Dhing Liaison Officer (Email)
 9 Chew Hock Beng Liaison Officer (Email) 
 10 Lim Aiming Liaison Officer (Whatsapp)
 11 Az Koh Liaison Officer (Whatsapp)
 12 Wong Sung Kok FB Administrator
 13 Don Leow Fitness Officer
 14 Exco Member Andy Lim 
 14 Exco Member Samatha


Schedule of Parent Involvement at Beatty in 2018

Term 1
Week 0
22 Dec 2017
Sec 1 Registration Day – Inviting new parents into PSG
Week 3 20 Jan (Sat)
PSG ExCo meeting
PSG 1st Official Meeting & Welcome Tea
Week 7 15 Feb (Thu) Invitation to attend Lunar New Year Concert and Lo Hei with the school
 Week 9  1 Mar (Thu) Invitation to School’s Cross Country
Week 9 3 Mar (Sat) PSG CIP @ Bishan Home For The Intellectually Disabled
Week 10 9 Mar (Fri)  Invitation to attend Annual Awards Day
Term 2
Week 1
22 Mar (Thu) Invitation to give talks or conduct learning journeys for students on Career Discovery Day
Week 1
24 Mar (Sat)
PSG Meeting 2
Week 7
4 May (Fri)
PSG Meeting 3
Term 3
Week 2 6 Jul (Fri) PSG Meeting 4
Week 3 13 Jul (Fri)
Sell food and drinks at Sports Carnival to raise money for PSG
Week 4
17 Jul (Tue)
Invitation to contribute to SPH Blood Donation Drive
Week 4 19 Jul (Thu) Prepare traditional food for students to try on Racial Harmony Day
Week 10   30 Aug (Thu)   Teachers’ Day
    - Teachers’ Day Cake
    - Parent Performance
    - Tokens of appreciation for staff
Term 4
Week 1
29 Sep (Sat)
PSG Meeting 5
Week 6 19 Oct (Fri) Parent-Teacher Sports Championship
Week 8
3 Nov (Sat)
PSG Meeting 6
December Holiday
  21 Dec (Fri)(Tentative) Sec 1 Registration Day – Inviting new parents into PSG 

Parents may contact the General Office at 63569108 to indicate your interest if you wish to be part of the Parent Support Group@Beatty.

Photos of Activities