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Dear Fellow Beattyians,

Greetings and Welcome to our Beatty Alumni Website.

How swiftly time has flown! Beatty Secondary School and Beatty Alumni will be celebrating their 65th and 25th years of founding respectively in 2018. 

Another milestone was reached in our Alumni history when I was elected as the first female president to lead the Beatty Alumni Management Committee (BAMC) for three consecutive terms, from 2013 to 2019.

This prestigious honour is indeed a blessing and motivating force for me to work even more closely with the BAMC team and key stakeholders in steering our alma mater to greater heights.It is notable that we have a balanced mix of senior and junior BA members in the committee. We have Mr Mun Chor Seng from the Pioneer Generation, Patrick, Jimmy, Philip, David, Lawrence and myself from the post-war baby boom generation of the 70s, as well as BA Life members from the millennial cohort – Chloe, Cheryl, Melvin and Alicia.

The success of the BAMC is made possible with strong support from key stakeholders, namely past and present School Leaders, the School Advisory Committee, Beatty Alumni comrades and last but not least, the teaching and non-teaching staff of Beatty.

Special mention goes to our Patron, Mr Low Cheng Lum for his unwavering and generous support.  He has contributed to the establishment of the Low Cheng Lum Annual Scholarship Award and financially supported in students’ academic development. In addition, he has also generously sponsored many events, such as the school’s 60th Anniversary celebrations and the Beatty Alumni’s 20th Anniversary celebrations in 2013. He will be contributing to the upcoming school’s 65th and alumni’s 25th Silver Jubilee celebration events. I am confident that he will continue to support the upcoming school’s 65th and alumni’s 25th Silver Jubilee celebration events. 

 Since its humble inauguration in 1993, our Alumni has come a long way in nurturing comradeship and the Beatty Family spirit since yesterday, which remains today and will certainly flourish  tomorrow.

We will always do our best, to bring glory to Beatty.

Non Vi Sed Arte – Not with Force, But with Skill!.


Janet Yeong

President, Beatty Alumni (2013 - 2019)