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Applied Learning Programme

Beattyians Think. Create. Innovate (BTCI)

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Beattyians Think. Create. Innovate. leverages on the Project Work platform to inculcate critical and inventive thinking as well as information literacy skills in students.

The BTCI programme develops students’ awareness of 21st Century competencies and provides opportunity for them to apply these in real-life context through VIA-related or subject discipline-related projects, making learning more meaningful and engaging for students.

Through our ALP, students learn to adopt a systematic approach to problem solving - from defining problems to generating ideas to developing, testing and refining their prototype solutions.

As they work in teams, students also develop socio-emotional competencies that help them to manage self and relationships with others. They learn humility and empathy as they attempt to co-create viable solutions that would meet the needs of their beneficiaries / users.

The skills, knowledge and dispositions gleaned from Beatty’s BTIC are in line with the School’s Vision to be a Distinguished Institution of Thinkers, Learners and Contributors and highly relevant to equip our students through life in the 21st century.