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The Physical Education Department seeks to equip every Beattyian with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude in sports to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.


Through the structured PE lessons and Sports Education Programmes, the PE department aims to foster the love for sports and promote a healthy lifestyle. Beattyians are exposed to a variety of sports and games, outdoor education as well as physical health and fitness education. Each PE lesson is planned to ensure the psycho-motor, cognitive and affective development of our students.

The Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) also give students opportunities to develop specific skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities and passions. Together with other school programmes, PE lessons and CCAs contribute to the holistic development of the child.

PE lessons - Sports & Games

Students will learn how to play various games in their four or five years of secondary school education. These include:
  • Territorial-invasion games - frisbee, football, netball, floorball 
  • Net-barrier games - badminton, volleyball 
  • Striking-fielding games - softball 

Sports Education Programmes

Our department organises post-examination sports education programmes to increase sporting opportunities for all. Through activities such as water soccer, tchoukball and handball, we hope to encourage sports participation in the school and convey the message that sports can be enjoyed by all.

Annual Sporting Events

Staff and students actively participated in sporting activities throughout the y
ear in an attempt to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sports Day at Toa Payoh Stadium (April) 
  • Cross Country at MacRitchie Reservoir (May) 
  • ACES Day (August) 
  • Inter-class games (October) 

Department Teachers and Contacts

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Ms Tng Ee Hwei


62569108 Ext 121

Mr Peter Lee


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Mr Mok Choon Leng


62569108 Ext 211

Mr Elliot Lee


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Mr Lee Song Lim


62569108 Ext 209

Mr Kamsani


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Mr Alvin Lim


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Ms Lim Mui Huan


62569108 Ext 195

Mr Raffael


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 Ms Aqilanurul_aqila_zaroni@moe.edu.sg NA 

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