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The Mathematics Department implements a rigorous curriculum to ensure that every student is competent in the subject. In line with the syllabus, the department promotes experiential learning, creative problem solving and the application of math in real-life situations. Teaching and learning is differentiated and catered to the needs of students.


Enrichment Programmes

During the mid-year post-exam period, our Secondary 1 students gained firsthand experience in financial literacy through playing financial board games provided by Praxis. Through play, our students became aware of basic financial concepts such as saving from young.

Our Secondary 2 students went outdoors to apply math to solve real life problems. Secondary 2E students went on an iPad math trail at the Sports Hub and Secondary 2NA students went on a math trail at Changi Airport, and Secondary 2NT students attended a kite-making workshop. As a result, our students get to experience the useful application of math and learn creative problem solving skills. (please use photos 3,4,7,8 from yearbook photos).

Experiential Service Learning (ExSEL)

The ExSEL programme is designed to allow our NT students to apply math in creative ways while learning to care for others in the community, including those in other ASEAN countries.

In conjunction with International Friendship Day this year, Secondary 1T students with their math and CPA teachers put up a photo booth where students and teachers took photos with ASEAN landmarks as the background. Our Secondary 2T students applied their knowledge about nets to make souvenirs. Finally, our Secondary 3T students presented these souvenirs to Vietnamese students at Cao Thang Secondary School in Ho Chi Minh City, and carried out a community service project with the school.


Singapore Math Olympiad (Junior)

Two Secondary 2 students received Honourable Mentions in the 2017 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior) - Cristina Ghale and Javier Tan

Math and Science B-Trail for Primary Schools

The B-Trail was held in our school on 22 February. It is a fun and educational competition organised annually by the Mathematics and Science Department teachers for Primary 5 and 6 students from Primary Schools in our cluster. The objective is to take students through an experiential learning journey around our school.

Department Teachers and Contacts



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