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Aesthetics & Technology

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The Aesthetics and Technology Department is committed to nurturing Beattyians to be creative and critical thinkers as well as self-directed learners.



Art education aims to enable every child to be visually literate and to appreciate art through observing, meaning-making, communicating, and valuing artwork as well as the art-making process.

Based on the framework of Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating, students are given opportunities to observe their environment, generate ideas, create artwork, discuss art and evaluate the role of art in society.

The Art Unit organises the following programmes and activities for the students to take part in:
  • Lower Secondary Art Learning Journeys 
  • Basic and Advanced Ceramics Workshop (for Upper Secondary Art students) 
  • Aesthetics Showcase 
  • SYF Art Exhibition and other art competitions 

Design and Technology

Design and Technology (D&T) education aims to nurture a specific way of thinking and doing in our students allowing for designer dispositions through design-and-build projects.

Central to D&T learning is the design process which requires students to apply basic design and technology knowledge and design thinking skills.

The highlights of the D&T programme include:

  • ICT Enrichment Workshops on Presentation Drawings (for Upper Secondary D&T students)
  • Secondary 1 Design Camp
  • D&T Pupils Seminar
  • Aesthetics Showcase
  • D&T Competitions

Nutrition and Food Science (NFS)

Food and Consumer Education (FCE), formerly known as Home Economics, was launched in 2014 for all Lower Secondary students. The FCE syllabus aims to educate students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers, thus enabling them to better manage their lives in the present and the future.

The aim of the NFS Unit is to educate students on how individuals and families can optimise their food materials. Students will also learn how to capitalise on financial resources and time to meet their physical, mental, social and economic needs.

As part of the NFS Programme, students also took part in NFS-related competitions and activities this year which include:

  • Sandwich/salad competition organised by Keat Hong CC Women’s Executive Committee
  • Caloric Hunt competition organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Mocktail making activity for the Aesthetics Showcase



The General Music Programme (GMP) is offered to all Lower Secondary students in Beatty Secondary. It is a key platform that provides every child with a basic music education, giving them opportunities to develop a connection to music. This contributes to the future development and preservation of Singapore’s cultural heritage.

The highlights of the GMP include:

  • Sec 1 STOMP Music Module
  • Sec 2 Guitar Music Module
  • Post-Examination Music Activities
  • Lunchtime Concert and Music Jamming Sessions during Aesthetics Week


Department Teachers and Contacts

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Ms Joanna Peh


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Ms Marhainy Rohmat


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Ms Ng Ying Hui


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