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Badminton is an established CCA in Beatty Secondary School. Members in the CCA are taught proper skills and techniques, and internalise the school core values in the process. The importance of sportsmanship is stressed whether in a competition or a friendly match. We believe that these values are crucial in preparing members for all challenges in and out of the court.

Students are equipped with knowledge to improve their skills and are trained to be mentally prepared to be ready to take on any new challenges in various mode of play and competitions.


Mr. Elliot Lee (IC)


62569108 Ext 210

Ms Nadiah (2IC)


62569108 Ext 141

Ms Chua Geok Song


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Mrs Alona Domingo


62569108 Ext 171

Ms Amelia Goh


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Weekly Schedule

Every Monday 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Every Friday 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Achievements and Highlights

  • Participated in South Zone ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division Badminton Championship 2017
  • Leaders attended Outward Bound Singapore training
  • Held annual badminton training camp in June or November
  • Held friendly matches with schools in different zones
  • Participated in Wee Kim Wee Badminton Championship
  • Participated in Cheers Badminton Championship
  • Participated in Bishan North CSC Badminton Tournament

Photos of Activites