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Beatty Secondary School’s Choir comprises passionate individuals who aspire to share their love for music and singing. We stage regular performances during school events such as the Annual Awards Day concert and the National Day Celebrations. In addition, the choir works with external organisations to bring music and joy to public events and participates in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation.


Ms Chiang Foong Min (IC)


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Ms Luar Shun Ying (2IC)


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Ms Liem Peng Lan


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Mdm Rosnita


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Mr Teo Chye Keong


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Weekly Schedule

Every Monday and Thursday 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Achievements and Highlights

  • Attained Certificate of Accomplishment at the 2017 SYF Arts Presentation
  • Performed at Handicap Welfare Association’s Wheel Walk or Jog 2017
  • Performed at National University Hospital’s Lunchtime Concert 2017

Photos of Activities