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InfoComm Club

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Beatty Secondary School’s Information Communication Club (Infocomm Club) aims to equip members with skills in photography, video production, the use of audio-visual (AV) equipment and simple coding. We aim to nurture members who are able to work as an individual and in a team, who are confident and have the self-discipline to put in their best in the tasks they are assigned.

We specialise in the use of AV equipment, photography and videography. In addition members are trained in Mobile app development which develops computational thinking and prepares members for the skills required for our Smart Nation in the near future.


Ms Ong Geok Leng (IC)


62569108 Ext 215

Mr Bernard Lee (2IC)


62569108 Ext 215

Mr Fabian Wong


62569108 Ext 204

Mr Michael See


62569108 Ext 205

Mdm Wang Fang


62569108 Ext 154

Mr Matthias Tay


62569108 Ext 194

Weekly Schedule

Every Tuesday 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Every Friday 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Achievements and Highlights

  • Three students’ (Cheyenne Ung Hui Yan, Lim Xuan Wei and Tammy Ng Hui Min) works were exhibited at Ngee Ann Photography Exhibition 2017 
  • Attended photojournalism training 
  • Raised funds for SPCA for Values-in-Action project 
  • Participated in the School Digital Media Awards (SDMA) Photo Essay category 
  • Participated in Singapore Game-Creation Competition (SGCC)

Photos of Activities